Sinoway Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 1YR Main product:
Product categories
4axle Heavy Duty Lowbed Semi Trailer
4axle Heavy Duty Lowbed S USD 15000.00 /Piece
Excavator Transportation Low Bed Semi Trailer for East African Market
Excavator Transportation USD 14000.00 /Piece
Low Bed Trailer with 28t Standard Lading Gear
Low Bed Trailer with 28t USD 12000.15 /Piece
12 Meters Low Bed Skeleton Semi Trailer for Building Materials Loading
12 Meters Low Bed Skeleto USD 12000.15 /Piece
Curb Weight 8500kg Low Bed Semi Trailer with 8000mm Platform for Cheaper Sale
Curb Weight 8500kg Low Be USD 12000.15 /Piece
3 Axles 60 Tons Excavator Transport Gooseneck Low Bed Semi Trailer for Cheaper Sale
3 Axles 60 Tons Excavator USD 12000.15 /Piece
80-100ton 4 Axles Capacity Low Loader Trailer with Manual Ladder
80-100ton 4 Axles Capacit USD 14000.00 /Piece
3 Axles 60 Tons Payload Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer
3 Axles 60 Tons Payload L USD 12000.16 /Piece
Factory Direct Supply of Cheap Price Low Bed Semi Trailer for Hot Sale
Factory Direct Supply of USD 12000.16 /Piece
12 Meters Tri-Axle Low Flatbed Semi Trailer for Made in China
12 Meters Tri-Axle Low Fl USD 12000.16 /Piece
Heavy Duty Transport Low Loader Trailer with Gooseneck
Heavy Duty Transport Low USD 12000.16 /Piece
2019 New Hydraulic 4 Axles Low Flatbed Trailer for Sale
2019 New Hydraulic 4 Axle USD 14000.00 /Piece
Company Profile
Name:Sinoway Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. √ Verified
Trade Category: 制造商,贸易商 √ Verified
Registered Time: 2002 √ Verified
Registered Capital: US$ 0 Million
Contact: Herbert Lee √ Verified
Employees: People
Address: 30a1, No. 58, New Jinqiao Road, Shanghai, China 200122
Product/Service: Agriculture & Food, Construction & Decoration, Industrial Equipment & Components, Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Service, Transportation

  Sinoway Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a top package equipment solution provider in China especially for vehicle, construction machinery and mining equipment. As a professional procurement and supply chain service provider, we are always committed to offer our respectable customer high quality products with reliable performance, competitive price and sincere services ensuring every engineering project to be run smoothly and on schedule. With over 20 years′ experience in the field of engineering industry and accompanying to fulfill strictly ISO 9001: 2008 standard, Sinoway is ready to provide products and services to our clients with professionalism, reliability and commitment.

  As a professional procurement and supply chain service provider for construction machinery, vehicles and mining equipment, we had established and have been consistently keeping good business relationship with many world famous general contractors like Vinci Construction, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Enka Group and, as well as many local civil engineering & building companies throughout the world. The bigger projects in which we participated as package equipment provider previously are including the airport project in Algeria, the power plant project in Indonesia, the dredging project in Nigeria, the national No. 1 highway project in Congo, the biggest landfill plant project in Kuwait, the rural and municipal road project in Libya and, still we are achieving to offer our equipment and service to more and more projects at present.

  Quick delivery time for customers, Booking shipping space is made way in advance, Prompt reaction for spare parts, all these has earned a good reputation for us for being a trustworthy partner because we believe in understanding our clients, open communication, effective planning as well as preparation and is committed to executing and delivering our promises.

  Sinoway are proud of Reliability, Professionalism and Commitment and trust that all three areas are equally important to ensure the success of your overseas purchasing program and your project.

  Your success is our commitment. Let us be your trusted partner.